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7 8 04

You know what sucks? I just realized that both links to my e-mail were pointing to the wrong one, which may factor into the idea that I never actually get any mail. 'DOT NET' YOU STUPID HTML SCRIPTER! Sorry.

3 30 04

I'm gonna start taking down the archive. One of the reasons is the storyline is not excatly reflecting what my first intentions for this world was. Another is that the writing really isn't that hot. Really, I know I can do better than this tripe. I'll be changing over to a pencil-only art style.

Also, when I set up Rick Griffin Studios, I might start working on another comic, Imperial Reign.

3 27 04

Yay, the chapter is getting closer and closer to ending. Once this chapter is over I'm gonna move this site over to http://www.stone-circle.net where I'll be doing some other things, too. I'll call it Rick Griffin Studios.

Anyway, I updated the language grammar massively. Who knew it could be so complex?

2 17 04

Well, the previous update was erased for a while, but it's fixed. Also, I updated Rokocheowa grammar and vocabulary. I added International Phonetic Alphabet comparisons to the alphabet section, as well. Vote. Forums.

2 9 04

I realized a while ago I acidentally deleted the PayPal button. It's back up again. Also, I've joined the Stone-Circle, run by my really really good friend Seraphna, or Serena as some call her. I'll be up on the splash page in a little while there. Changed the banner on the bottom of the page, too. And. . . FORUMS! Click clicky just below the comic navigation buttons. Forums are hosted by, uh, Stone-circle.net.

2 2 04

New fanfiction up, by Jonathon Mathon, if you're into that kinda thing. Also put up guestcomics I did for Party Goers.

1 10 04

Language section up; I'll be adding to it every so often. Vote.

12 14 03

Took down Foxfire review. Eh, it was in bad taste. I'll do real reviews.

Look! New page style! I like it. I think I'll keep it. Oh, and uh, VOTE. Every day.

11 25 03

First feature: online art reviews, the first on on David Gonterman's 'Foxfire', which amazingly enough is one of the reasons I got into this business (read: because I know I can do better than that crap.) Later, I'll be putting up some of the basis for the Rokocheowa language. VOTE.

11 13 03

Added a paypal donate button. So, support this webcomic and donate! Or uh, maybe when this site starts getting more hits I'll put up a reward for donating some amount of money. But donate.

10 26 03

Sorry about the delay; keenspace decided to go kaput for a while. Joined Top Web Comics. I'm working on some features, so those'll go up soon, starting with a webcomic rant and an explaination on the language.

10 9 03

Okay, my new computer is all set up as is my copy of Macromedia Dreamweaver, do I decided to get around to putting up the massive number of links I have, no necessicarily in order of importance. Links to me at the bottom of the page. Also, I'm going to be joining topwebcomics once thier reconstruction is complete. Joined Buzzcomics. Oh, I changed my e-mail to rickpgriffin@bellsouth.net which is a lot roomier than hotmail.

9 6 03

First comic update. I don't know exactly how long I'll be working on this page, but everything is eventually going to come up. Comic updates on Sundays. Mail me at fuzzyfuzzball@hotmail.com if you have any questions.

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